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the all new MMB 📈 is coming Monday 🔥 🚀

What can you expect? 👀 

Well let’s be honest. The market landed some blows and we had to scramble and adjust. Now we are back swinging. 💪 

🚀 We’ve recently revamped our SWING system with much heavier vetting and real time updates on our plays. We also added a SMS text system for our swings. 

🚀 We had to make adjustment to our option alerts as well. Here’s the new recipe. Fewer options + heavier vetting = major wins 🔥 Expect 5-8 option plays per week, along with swing plays in the back ground cranking out profits. 💵 

🚀 We are betting on a 82-92% winning average moving forward. 

🚀 Mr Moneybags, Jay, and different members of the MOD team will be LIVE in the voice chat on MONDAYS at different times to talk shop and answer questions. We will still do a monthly live Q&A as well. 

🚀 We’ve added more channels including UOA, and we have a new MOD cranking out his own alerts. 🔥 

Lastly, glad to have you each on my team. Let’s get the bag. 💰 


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