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Mr Moneybags Complete Stock Market Course

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I get it. 

Most people think that the financial markets are just for people who already have money…or maybe it seems like a scam. 🧐 

The truth is, with proper education, the financial markets can be the most lucrative income stream you have. 

If you’ve been trading based on hype and social media post, you’re likely a trade or two away from blowing your account. Profitability heavily depends on knowing what you’re doing.

I’ve been coaching people for years and that coaching is normally $1500 for 30 days. I know that is steep, so I’ve condensed the coaching program into a single course. (Coaching includes direct texting with me during market hours, this course does NOT.)

This course includes videos on: 

✅ Basic market terms and how the market moves. 

✅ Creating and using a trading plan. 

✅ Technical analysis (charting) 

✅ Market tools, indicators, and fundamentals 

✅ Options trading 

It also includes PDFs to accompany the videos where applicable. 

*educational material. NFA. 

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Mr Moneybags Complete Stock Market Course

32 ratings
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